Boxing Results: Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero - Spolier - MAYDAY
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Boxing Results: Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero - Spolier - MAYDAY
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (May 5, 2013)

Floyd Jr.
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Tonight's live round by round boxing coverage of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Robert Guerrero is being conducted by Doghouse Boxing's very own Johnny Benz. Get the results as the happen on this page by hitting refresh every 4 minutes. Get round by round and punch by punch live updates as the fight happens. (*Please note, auto correct text is being used during the live update process, and therefre some of the words may come out wrong.)

The featured bout is moments away from starting. The fighters are now being introduced.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. is introducing both fighters. Update in 4 minutes. Hit refresh soon.

Round One: Not much in the first minute, both feeling each other out. Floyd lands a great over the top right, Guerrero bangs to the body when they are in a clinch doing some rough stuff. Mayweather playing cautious and cool as he picks his shots and dances around from Guerrero firepower. A good warm up round for both.

10-9 Floyd.

ROUND 2: Guerrero trying to find action off his jab. Floyd showing great movement and looking like he is a ghost (no where to be found) when dissapperaing from Robert at times. Floyd's defense and and movement is sharp and warming up nicely. Guerrero is throwing a lot and getting some through, but nothing that concerns Mayweather. It feels like Ghost is working it hard, while Floyd is doing just fine warming up and getting his timing into synch.

10-9 Floyd.

ROUND 3: Guerrero on the attack and Mayweather moves around in circles as Guerrero tries in vain to land something meaningful. Damn, Mayweather is super fast when he avoids punches. Guerrero lands a good right hand, but nothing of note.

10-9 Floyd

ROUND 4: The same thing here in this round, Guerrero is trying to land, but not getting through Floyd's defense in any meaningful way. Guerrero still looks fresh and his punches have deadly intent, but Mayweather's movements are looking crisp, fast and clean. Guerrero hammers a right hook to the body of Floyd on the ropes, Mayweather answers back with a great one of his own.

10-9 Floyd, it's the skills that show the advantage.

ROUND 5: Guerrero's jab not affective or hitting anything but air in most cases or being deflected. At this point Guerrero needs to find a pattern and start landing stuff that will give the judges a reason to score for him. Both fighters have their moments in this fight, but the beauty lies in how fast Mayweather ducks, dodges and avoids Guerrero's blistering shots.

10-9 Floyd.

ROUND 6: Ghost gets Mayweather on the ropes, but it means nothing, Floyd fights well in any place from the ring. Starting look like a sparring session for Mayweather and Guerrero is going to need to do more than just try and land a heavy shot. It's pretty obvious, Ghost isn't going to win this fight tonight... he might not even win a round at this pace. Guerrero throws, Mayweather avoids and lands back some retaliation. Guerrero needs to turn up the pressure and fight the fight of his life... but I am just not seeing it. Mayweather lands over the top and to the body.


ROUND 7: Here is the pattern... Guerrero throws some heavy shots at a fast clip, but at a faster speed, Floyd avoids and then lands with counters. The only thing good for Guerrero right now is his legs. He is fresh, he is not out of energy, he is trying... he is just fighting a much better Dog in this fight. Guerrero lands to the body in a clinch.

10-9 for Floyd, but it was closer fought , you can in a merciful way give it to Ghost.

ROUND 8: No really exciting moments in this fight so far... nothing for the highlight reel. Crowds booing is getting little louder. The fight is boring, but mostly because Ghost has nothing to really offer Mayweather. Not that he isn't trying, he is just outclassed. Mayweather lands hard to the body and crumples Ghost over a little. Mayweather is now working the hard shot on Ghost. Floyd snapping Ghost's head with power. Blood is coming from the right eye of Guerrero.

10-9 Floyd

ROUND 9: Guerrero so far behind the cards is showing some GO FOR BROKE fighting in this round. At this point, he might as well. Guerrero looks strong, but Mayweather is just sharp. Floyd left hooks to Ghost's head and comfortably picks his moments. Floyd is just showing amazing skills, speed and style.

10-9 Floyd

ROUND 10: Guerrero has Floyd in the corner early in this round, but can't capitalize or make meaningful pressure. Floyd can fight off the ropes in a way that is amazing and defies all logic. This fight is going to go the full 12 rounds.


ROUND 11: Give credit to Guerrero, he threw caution out the window and is throwing all he has at Mayweather. Give credit to Mayweather for being far to good. A scrap ensues in the middle of the ring, with Floyd of course getting off the better. Ghost tries to rough him up in the clinches...but who is he kidding...probably not the judges.

10-9 Floyd .

ROUND 12: 3 minutes left and Guerrero needs a KO to win... good luck with that, as nothing he has hit Floyd with has been a concern. With one minute done, Guerrero doesn't have a Ghost of a Chance. Floyd just keeping it cool for the final bell to ring. No knockdowns, no one seriously hurt, just Ghost seriously out boxed.

10-9 Floyd.

Up next the judges final verdict...

The scores are Unanimous Decision 117-111 all 3 judges with the same score in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I could not find one round to give Guerrero, but his heart, courage and constant trying to make it happen was a thing of beauty -- but tonight's spotlight and high praise belongs to Floyd Mayweather Jr who put on an eye-candy of a performance. He was thrilling, if not almost perfect in the way he danced around the ring and showed off his high grade in science. (Einstein, eat your heart out!)

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