Boxing Results: Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse - Spoiler
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Boxing Results: Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 15, 2013)

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Welcome to tonight's round by round coverage of Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse (The undercard to Floyd Money Mayweather vs. Saul Canelo Alvarez) . Hit refresh every few minutes (4 minutes) to get the latest updates, round by round, punch by punch and live results.

The fighters have just entered the ring. The announcer is announsing them now. Next update will be round one.

Round One: Feeling each other out. Garcia using his jab, Lucas lands over the top. Neither fighter taking much rish but throwing with intent.

Close round, I will say even.

ROUND TWO: Lucas throws the right hand, Garcia works the jab. Nothing major has land by the action is warming up quickly. Lucas lands to the body and head in a one two combo.

10-9 Lucas Matthysse

Round 3: Big left hand seems to daze Garcia on the ropes for a moment, if not dazed, at least the crowd got a buzz out of it. Both back to fighting. Garcia hits Lucas hard in the head, no effect, but nice punch. Garcia moving well on his feet, Lucas hunting, coming in with his head a little low.

Tough round to score.

10-9 for Lucas (but I may change my score when I watch a replay in this round)

Round 4: Both are having their moments. it's a great fight. Garcia lands with a nice right. Lucas comes back with a body shot. Garcia getting hotter. Garcia is coming alive in this round. Hammers Lucas and dodges the counter.

10-9 Garcia

Round 5: Some back and forth, some great jabbing. Garcia gets a warning for a low blow (on the hip of Lucas) Very close round. Lucas finishes the round strong, but Garcia had some better moments.

10-9 Garcia

Round 6: Lucas goes to the body, then misses up top at the start of the round. Garcia lands a nice left hook and again. Lucas has been busier this round.

10-9 Lucas

Round 7: Over hand right hammers Garcia. Lucas has swelling under his right eye. Lucas Hits Garcia in the head and Garcia fires back. Lucas' eye is swelling fast. Both working each others body in the clinches.

10-9 Garcia

Round 8: Garcia landing hard on Lucas' head. Mattysse has vision problems with that eye swell. Garcia works to the body ad throws mean over right hands. Lucas is hitting back but taking a shot or two on the way out. Garcia work to the body and right hands it nicely.

10-9 Garcia

Round 9: (Doctor oks Lucas' eye). Garcia is becoming more clear to be the crisper fighter. Sizing Lucas and finding the target easier and easier. Lucas comes in with his head low and that swollen eye is not helping. He is in no danger of being knocked out. Garcia is out boxing Lucas.

10-9 Garcia

Round 10: (Credit to Lucas' team, his eye is looking better) Lucas lands a good combo and somestraight left. Garcia taking it a little easier this round. Body shot from Lucas, right hand counter from Garcia. Blood coming from Garcia's nose.

10-9 Matthysse

Round 11: Big right hand from Matthysse, knocks Garcia's mouth piece clear out. Fight stopped for a few seconds for mouth sheild replacement. Lucas showing some fire. Lucas lands solid left hook to the body. Mathtysse looks like he slipped? Ref calls it a kock down and starts a count. Mattysse lands hard in the last few seconds.

10-8 Garcia

Round 12: Lucas needs a KO and is fighting hard. Garcia using a nice combination to move off the ropes and then comes back with some punches over the top that land nicely ONE-TWO. A low blow sends Lucas to the canvas and the ref takes point away! It get super fast and furios in the last 30 seconds...why didn't they fight like this before? Damn, bell rings, fight over.

10-8 Lucas

Results up next.

Judges score the fight:

Unanimous Decision

For the winner, DANNY SWIFT GARCIA
who retains his title.

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