Boxing Results - Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios - Spoiler
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Boxing Results - Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 24, 2013)

Pacquiao and Rios
Pacquiao vs. Rios
Tonight's round by round live coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios from Macau, China, (HBO-PPV) will be conducted by Johnny Benz. Please refresh this page every 4 minutes to get the latest punch by punch and round by round coverage of Pacquiao vs. Rios.


ROUND 1: Both Pacquiao and Rios feeling each other out and working their jab to gauge each other. Pacquios cautious but unleashes the first combanation. Pacquiao lands a right cross, nice! Pacquiao looks good and so does Rios. Pacquiao lands nice to the head with one minute left... and then soon after Rios is dropped. Looks like a slip / trip? Not sure. He is back up and fighting in a peek-a-boo style. Pacquaio landed the better shots in tis round.

10-9 for Pacquiao .

ROUND 2: Pac comes out hard, works to the body and then the head, steps in and out. Rios uppercuts Pacquiao to the ropes. Pac comes back firing like the Pacquiao of old. Rios working harder to Pacquiao's body. Nice overhand right by RCios. Both men are at war. Pac digs deep to Rios body. A straight punch down the pipe makes Rios' head snap back. He shakes it off as to say he is not hurt from it. Pacquiao lands hard on Rios Chin - straight left jab- with about 10 seconds left and goes into a flurry. Rios fires a back, but Pac avoids it and hammers Rios again as the bell goes off.

10-9 Pacman.
ROUND 3: Pacquiao has turned up the heat. He is making Rios move and miss. Dancing Manny all over the ring almost bewildering Rios. Classic Manny. Rios gets Pac on the ropes and bangs to the body. Pac shows good defense and amazing speed with power accuracy. Nice upper cut by Rios lands and snaps Pac's head back. Rios hammers Pac on the ropes momentarily (on the body). Nice round for both fighters. Can easily be scored either way, but Pac's defense and movement is the deal maker here...10-9 for Pac.

10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 4: Rios isn't tired and he is still dangerous, but Pacquiao is doing some good boxing on him. Pacquiao jabs and moves. Pac hammers the body then moves his work to Rios' cranium. Pac hammers Rios on the chin with a straigh left with about 45 seconds to go. Now Pacquiao is dancing around and moving in for hits.

10-9 Pacquiao .

ROUND 5: Rios is exciting and he is trying his ass off, but Pacquiao threads the needle better. A super hard right hand lands on Rios... Rios crouches a bit and sticks out his tongue and smiles. Pacquaio keeps up some caustious pressure, but fighting like a Matador taming a bull. Rios trying to work off the jab. Left right lands for Pac. Pac works combinations and they lands. To the body, bang-bang-bang... sounds like poetry in motion as Pac lands to the body. Pac is looking brilliant... Rios looks dangerous still though....just being schooled more to the punch.

10-9 .

ROUND 6: It's a back and forth battle, but it's all Pacquiao. The fight is exciting and pleasing to watch. At this point a well conditioned Rios is looking for a KO punch. It gets hectic in the last minute as some furious punching from both sides. Left eye of Rios seems to be sweeling.

10-9 Pacquiao. .

ROUND 7: Rios is a great fighter... Pacquiao is a better one though. Much better in speed and moving the ring and landing power shots. Rios takes a good beating. Pac blistering fast to the side of Rios' body and then to the head. Pac is landing bricks in this round. Rios tries to hold behind the head and work Pac's body. Pac is loading up on powerful speed and acurate punches. Rios is one tough MOFO!

10-9 Pacquiao .

ROUND 8: Tios is hinting and stalking, covering up as he walks towards Pac, looking for a power shot for a KO? Pac is walking around him, stepping in to land punches and moving out. It's Pacquiao at will at times, but Rios has some fire power, but not landing much of the shots. Pacquiao hammers Rios on the head with a hook, Rios covers up.

10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 9: Pac working Rios' head the first 30 seconds. Rios steps in and takes a wild swing, but Pac is too fast to be there for it. Rios is chasing Pacquiao, while Pac is bobbing and weaving out from any disasters that Rios can pose. !:20 Ref stops fight to warn Rios for hitting (holding) behind the head. Over hand right lands hard for Pac with about 40 seconds left. Both fighters land some good punches in the last few seconds, but the pleasure is all Pac who lands more and harder shots to end the round.

10-9 Pacman

ROUND 10: Rios is looking a little rubbery and disheartened in the first 30 seconds. Pacquiao working Rios hard this round. Rios doesn't have much answers, but he still has great conditioning and reasonable speed and snap in his punches. Pacquiao hammers and moves. On the ropes Rios hammers Pac hard to the head. Pac comes off the ropes, brings the action to the middle of the ring.

10-9 for Pac... a shut out for Pacquiao so far. Rios needs a miracle punch. .

ROUND 11: Here it is in a nutshell....Pacquiao, speed, power, accuracy and dancing that says 'catch me if you can'. Rios is a tough kid, but no blueprint or capabilty to land and thing of worth. A frustratred Rios lifts Pacquiao off the canvass to the boos and jeers of fans. The only victory Rios can have tonight is making it to the last round.

10-9 Pacquiao .

ROUND 12: Pac comes out and does what he has been doing since round 1... dominates. It's a great day at the offic for Pac tonight. He's back! Rios comes forward, Pac hits and slides away then comes back for some more beating on Rios. Both are taking it easy in the middle of the round...maybe loading up for the last minute. Last Minute: Rios moves in and swings wild, blood is gushing down the side of his face from his eye. They trade in the middle ot the ring and Rios is trying like a bull, but nothing there. The fight is done... Pac schooled Rios from start to finish.

10-9 for Pacquiao.

Up next, Judge's official score cards and winner.

Judges score it, 120-108 119-109, 118-110 for the unanimous decision winner - MANNY PACQUIAO!!!!!!!.

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