Boxing Results: Tim Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez - Spoiler
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Boxing Results: Tim Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 13, 2013)

Bradley vs. Marquez
L-R: Bradley vs. Marquez
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Welcome to tonight's live round by round, punch by punch coverage of HBO Boxing's main event, Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Timothy Bradley. Hit refresh every few minutes (4 minutes) to get the latest updates, round by round and live results of Bradley vs. Marquez..

Tonight's round by round will be conducted by DoghouseBoxing's Johnny Benz. We are now moments away from the opening bell.

ROUND 1 - Juan comes out and throw a side punch to Bradley's arm. Bradley hits Juan in the body and moves away from the retaliation. Bradley goes to the body again and oves away with some good speed. JMM feeling out the round and missing but closing it in. Bradley rushes in, looks like a clash of heads. JMM lands a nice body shot.

10-9 Bradley

ROUND 2 - Back and forth pace is nce... Head clashing may become an issue. JMM counters with a nice left hand and gets the crows moving. Jmm lands a hook to the body and another left hand counter to the body. Bradley is stayinh busy and steals the round with some nice flurries that gets JMM on the ropes. I was leaning towards this being a JMM round, but it was close and Bradley closed the show in this one.


Round 3 - Bradley fighting smart, but still keeping it exciting. (Not the reckless Bradley vs Provodnikov here tonight). Bradley is bouncing and moving and looking for angles to work. JMM needs some more Jab action...Nice right hand lands hard for Marquez. Nice round, I slightly favor JMM in this round.

10-9 JMM

Round 4 - The ref calls time to have Marquez's corner remove excess Vasoline. JMM looks good, byt I have to say Bradley looks a little better. Bradley doing a good job avoiding JMM's counters. Close round. Could go to either fighter.

10-9 Bradley

Round 5: Braldey lands a nice left hook and gets out of the way from JMM's counters. This is the thing Bradley is doing well tonight... going in and slaping the lion in JMM and then getting out of the way before JMM can bite back. Bodyy shot lands hard on Bradley and he fires back. These last few seconds of each round are turning into some fire fights.

10-9 for Bradley

Round 6 - Bradley moved around a lot in the round, JMM punched and it was some good action.
It was anyone's round.

Round 7 - They are not fighting in close quarters, but they are fighting. Bradley basically does it better than JMM in getting punches to land. It's not a blow out each round, but the edge goes to Bradley.

10-9 Bradley

Round 8 - JMM has some moments but his timing and accuracy is just a little off tonight. Bradley is using his jab well through out the fight. Marquez looks like classic Marquez near the end of the round.

10-9 JMM

Round 9 - Bradley counters with a left to the body and lands a solid right to the temple, then connects with a jab. Makes Marquez miss. JMM landing a little more crisper in the opening of this round. Bradley looks fresh, moving well. Nice combo from Bradley working the head and body. JMM is missing too much for my liking. If Bradley punched even more per round, he do him self some favors. JMM may have stolen this round with some late action... but his shots smoothered and not effective.

10-9 Bradley

Round 10 -Bradley hurts Marquez with a chopping right hand. JMM recovers well from it though. Marquez appears to have a swollen eye. Bradley goes on the attack and forces Marquez back. A slip for JMM at the end of the round.

10-9 JMM (Close round)

Round 11 - Nice right by Marquez, Bradley combination to the body lands. Marquez makes Bradley miss two big shots. He's stalking the champ & lands a short uppercut. Quick exchange.

10-9 JMM

FINAL ROUND: Marquez catches Bradley with a right. JMM gets Bradley in the corner, but Bradley makes him miss. Bradley works a machine like jab but eats a JMM left. Big exchange ends Marquez getting stumble by a clean left! Near the end a punch lands hard from Bradley and makes JMM wobble back, but he does not hit the canvas.

10-9 Bradley.

Up next Judges score and official result .

115-113 for Marquez
115-113 for Bradley
116-112 for Bradley

Bradley winner by Split Decision! The right man won!

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