Boxing Result: Arthur Abraham KO's Jermain Taylor - Spoiler
By Napoleon336, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 18, 2009) Photo © SE / Photo Wende  
Jermain Taylor (28-3-1-17 KO's) vs Arthur Abraham (30-0-0-24 KO's).

ROUND 1: Tourney Begins!!!! HERE WE GO!!! Abraham coming out with that peek a boo defense. He jabs off it. Taylor returns a jab. Nice double jab by Taylor. Abraham blocking up high. More jabs by Taylor. Wild right misses for Taylor. Nice left hook by Taylor. Arthur blocked it. Great defense by Abraham. Nice jab lands for Taylor. Hard combo by Abraham. Moves Taylor. Taylor avoids most of the damage. Abraham just walking forward behind that defense. Abraham misses a huge left hook. Nice right by Taylor. Abraham lands a jab. Nice jab by Taylor. Double jab by Taylor. Chopping right by Taylor. Sick defense by Abraham. Close round.

Taylor round 10-9

ROUND 2: Taylor double jabs right away. Arthur jabs. Hard jabs by Taylor are blocked. Arthur slips the right. Arthur jabs the body. Triple jab by Taylor. Not hard though. They're blocked. Taylor having a hard time penetrating the defense of Abraham. Taylor lands a low blow. Abraham was hurt by it. The ref gives him the mandatory 5 minutes. He takes about a minute. Back to the action now. They trade jabs. Both guys throwing stiff jabs. Nice right by Abraham. Taylor goes to the body. Nice right by Taylor. Taylor blocks the Abraham right. Nice body work by Taylor. Nice right by Abraham. Nice right/Left Hook by Abraham. Taylor jabs. Another close round.

Abraham Round 10-9


Taylor again comes out jabbing. More jabs now. All blocked. Taylor blocking Abraham's jab now. Both guys having trouble landing. Again they just block eachothers jabs. Nice left hook by Taylor. Hard shot. Sweeping hook by Abraham misses. Neither guy establishing anything yet. Nice one.two by Abraham. Nice jabs by Taylor. Hard right by Abraham. Taylor just misses a counter right. The ref warns Taylor for holding. Again a close round.

Abraham round 10-9


Taylor comes out swinging. Misses a wild right and left hook. Taylor using some feints now. Both guys continuing to jab away at the other. Nothing too much landing. Hard right by Taylor blocked. Abraham answers with his own. Taylor moving well. Jab, jab, jab again blocked. Taylor keeps flicking the jab. Keeps Arthur at bay. Close round.

Taylor round 10-9


Taylor goes to the body off his jab. Nice jab by Taylor. Gets through. Abraham goes to the body now. Nice jab by Arthur. Taylor reaching with his jab now. They trade jabs now. Nice right hand by Taylor off his body work. Taylor jabbing well now. They trade jabs. Abraham misses a hard right. Right hand by Abraham blocked. Nice right by Taylor. They trade jabs again. They trade hard rights. Nice exchange. Both guys land. Abraham lands a left hook. Arthur keeping his hands down now.

Abraham round 10-9


Both guys jabbing. Nothing hard. Abraham misses the big hook. Taylor sticking the jab. Nice right. One/two by Taylor. One/two by Arthur misses. Taylor using the jab well now. Left hook by Abraham is blocked. They trade jabs. Nice body shot by Abraham. Taylor gets a bullshit warning for a low blow. TAYLOR PENALIZED A POINT!!!! Hard right by Abraham blocked. Chopping right by Taylor is blocked. They trade nice jabs. Right hand lands for Abraham. Nice jab by Taylor. Taylor misses the left hook. Again they trade jabs. Taylor lands a right.

Even round 9-9


Nice body work done by Taylor. Nice right by Taylor. Abraham jabs to the body and follows with a nice hook. They trade jabs. More jabs by Taylor. Nice jab by Taylor. Hard left hook by Taylor. One/two by Abraham. Nice chopping right by Abraham. Abraham dropping his hands now. They trade jabs again. lots of jabs by both fighters. Taylor goes to the body. Abraham complains about hitting in the back. Nice flurry by Abraham. Abraham getting a lil aggressive now.

Abraham round 10-9


Taylor jabs hard. Taylor pumping the jab now. Double jab by Abraham. Now Taylor fires the double jab. Nice right by Taylor. Nice counter. Triple jab by Taylor blocked. Nice right by Taylor. They trade rights now. Abraham fires a nice right. Taylor blocks it. Taylor lands a jab. Both guys showing good defense now. Double jab by Taylor off the mark. Hard right by Arthur is blocked. Nice jab by Taylor. Nice body work by Abraham. Chopping right lands for Abraham. Another right falls short. Abraham showboating a bit now.

Taylor round 10-9


Taylor flicking the jab out there now. Now both guys just posturing. More light jabs by Taylor. GREAT RIGHT HAND HURTS TAYLOR!!! ABRAHAM UNLOADING NOW!!!! NICE FLURRY!!!! GREAT WORK!!! Taylor recovers well. On the defensive now though. Taylor showing heart. Nice body shot by Taylor. Abraham jabs. Nice jab by Taylor. Sweeping hook by Abraham is blocked. Nice round for Abraham.

Abraham round 10-9


Taylor firing range finding jabs. Again and again light jabs by Taylor. More and more. Abraham blocking. Abraham misses a big right hand. then holds Taylor. Nice jab by Taylor. Triple jab by Taylor blocked. Nice jab again by Taylor. Sweeping right by Arthur falls short. Taylor misses a big right. Nice jab by Taylor. Abraham with a nice flurry but its all blocked by Taylor. Taylor goes back to jabbing. Nice right by Abraham. Lands a piece of it. Taylor jabs again. Arthur misses a couple wild hooks. Right hand and left hook fall short for Taylor. Close round.

Abraham round 10-9


Hard body shot by Taylor. Hard body shot again by Taylor. Follows up with a hard right. Taylor finally finding something now. Abraham flurries but lands nothing. Double jab by Taylor is blocked. Hard right by Taylor is blocked. Working the jab now. Abraham blocking pretty much everything. They trade jabs. Taylor lands. Abraham flurrying to the body now. Looks flashy. Nothing hard. Nice hard body shot by Taylor. Taylor going to the body more now.

Taylor round 10-9


Taylor jabbing and Abraham blocking. Kind of the theme of this fight. Hard body shot by Taylor. Taylor trying the body again. Hard left hook by Taylor blocked. Abraham not doing anything really. Taylor just jabbing and doing nothing else. Winning the round so far though. Nice right by Abraham. Sweeping hook misses for Abraham. Nice right by Abraham. Taylor escapes the onslaught. Nice work by Abraham now. Closing the show well. Taylor not firing back now. Hard right by Taylor now. Blocked though. HUGE RIGHT BY ABRAHAM KNOCKS TAYLOR OUT COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


..."KING" ARTHUR ABRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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