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By Joey, Doghouse Pound (Nov 9, 2008) DoghouseBoxing  
Tonight's Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr round by round coverage is being conducted by DogPound's very own, Joey. Refresh your browser every 4 minutes to get the latest round by round coverage. This page will be updated every 4 minutes.

Round 1; Joe comes out the agressor,throws the first jab. Joe pawing with the jab and lands a couple. Roy backs to the rope and Joe lands a couple of good body shots. Roy feinting over and over while Joe is outside throwing a consistant jab. Joe landed a decent right. Roy on the ropes again with Joe flurring to the body but not much landing. Jones lands a HUGE body shot and Calzaghe is DOWN. Joe really still looks hurt but comes back. Roy and Joe in vicious exchanges but not a lot landing. Roy stands staring at Joe at the bell with as Joe goes to the corner.

10-8 Jones.

Round 2

Joe still coming forward with Roy using his feints. You can see the confidence on Roy Jones face. Roy throws a double uppercut, one of them lands. Roy's hand speed is amazing. But now Joe is beating Roy's body mercilissly in the center. Backs Roy to the corner and unloads a huge right hook to the body followed by about 8 more punches to the body. roy gets out and lands a big right hand to Calzaghe's chin. Good jabs by Joe. Joe gets Roy back to the ropes and flurries to the body. Joe lands more, Roy lands harder.

10-9 Calzaghe.

Round 3

Jones backs to the ropes on his own. Calzaghe lands several body shots. Jones spins out and Joe lands to the head. Roy lands another good body shot. Joe lands a good right to Jones chin that pushes him to the ropes. Calzaghe teeing off on Roy and Roy just walks through it. Calzaghe showboating as he lands a huge flurry to the body, Jones showboating back and dares Calzaghe to hit him more. Calzaghe landed at a 4 or 5 to 1 pace right now. Jones is just keeping his guard high and letting shots slam his body and throwing the occasional lasor shot with power. Both are doing chicken dances at each other, at the same time. End up in a dance contest at the end of the bell.

10-9 Calzaghe.

Round 4

Roy comes out actually throwing a consistant jab. Calzaghe lunces with a right uppercut and looks terribly awkward doing a Roy Jones imitation. Roy backing to the ropes again and Calzaghe throws a 4-punch body combo. Good double jab by Calzaghe, Roy in more of a conventional boxer style by jabbing and moving. Calzaghe still outworking Roy this round, 3 punches to one. Joe continues to do old Roy Jones showboat moves. roy lands a good right hand but doesn't affect Calzaghe. Joe showboats and Roy throws a perfect 1-2 right to the chin which could have been doom. Calzaghe does it again and the round ends.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 5

Calzaghe back after Jones, jabbing Roy into a corner. Roy still waiting to counter with big punches and Joe beats the body with a 1-2. Roy starting to get on his toes more and moving well. Calzaghe lands a good right, Roy returns with a right. Roy in the corner again with Calzaghe flurrying on his body and head, awesome work rate by Calzaghe. Roy lands a hard right hand that doesn't faze Calzaghe. Calzaghe with another body flurry in the center of the ring. Jones throws a good right but Joe comes in with flurries. Roy landing the clean shots, Joe working hard. Calzaghe just landed a huge left on the ropes. Roy's eye starting to swell. Both brawling on the ropes. roy lands a huge right at the end of the round.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 6
A little bit of a breather thus far in the 6th. Roy outside waiting and Calzaghe not throwing nearly as much. Roy throwing more feints than punches but lands a short little left hook. Calzaghe gets Roy back on the ropes but much less work rate now, Roy lands one counter. Calzaghe with a good right hook to the body and head. Calzaghe constantly applying pressure and Roy potshotting. Roy lands a good, quick uppercut from a springing stance. Possibly the only good clean shot of the round.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 7

Roy with a good jab then a solid straight right. Calzaghe still pressuring and Roy is backing straight up. Roy lands a good left, followed by another great jab. Calzaghe back to the body. Joe lands a very solid left that stuns Jones. Jones is still wobbly and swelling up. Joe flurries to the body and head. Roy's left eye is cut badly. Roy throws a good right and Calzaghe just taunts him and laughs. Roy posturing and thows a right to the body, slightly low.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 8

Calzaghe throws a 1-2 followed by a 6-punch flurry to the body. Roy now walking to Calzaghe and Joe is backing up, neither throwing. Calzaghe postures and Roy slings out a weak right that lands. Roy's eye streaming blood, terribly. Roy starting to yell at Calzaghe but hasn't thrown anything signifigant this round. Both showboating and posturing. Calzaghe lands a good right hook on the ropes that I think hurt Roy. Roy's eye looks awful but he's still yelling at Joe. Roy looks exhausted and slightly buzzed at the end of the round. Roy says he's trying to get him but can't get him in the corner.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 9

Refs stop Roy from coming out to check the eye. Roy says he's fine but the eye is terribly cut but Roy won't quit. Roy's legs look good for now but Joe is digging to the body. Roy is throwing short uppercuts but not landing. Joe still busy but Roy looks more desperate and more and more willing to take a chance. (wouldn't be surprised if Roy hasn't decided to go out on his shield at some point). Joe just continues to plug away, he won't get tired. Calzaghe lands a good 1-2 to the head and backs Roy to the ropes. Joe with hands at his hops and Roy just throws and lands a short but not powerful 1-2. Joe's confidence is huge and his stamina is unbelievable. Roy is feinting, feinting, feinting, but not throwing. Roy on the ropes lands a coupel of huge body shots and one to the head. Calzaghe lands a right at the bell.

10-9 Jones (close round)

Round 10

Joe comes out throwing a couple of body shots. Roy lands a decent uppercut in the corner to get himself back to the center of the ring. Jones backing Calzaghe up again and Joe counters to the body. Roy with a weak 1-2, head and body. Joe looks wide open but Roy can't land to the chin, unbelievable. Roy with a straight right, left hook, hook was blocked. Calzaghe double and triples the jab then goes into 4-punch hook straight combo. Roy lands a good right to the chest, Calzaghe ends with a weak slow flurry.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 11

Roy leads with a triple jab that wasn't meant to land. Joe lands a good jab to the chin. Calzaghe backing Roy up once again with pressure. Roy making a stand in the center of the ring and pushin himself forward and starting to back up Calzaghe but still not landing much. Calzaghe with a little triple jab to the body, all landing. Calzaghe showboats as he feels Royisn't doing anything. Roy lands a hard right that snaps Joe's head back but not hurting him at all. Calzaghe with a good right uppercut from too far away, but it still lands. Calzaghe slowing down from his own work rate. Roy can't figure him out and can't land.

10-9 Calzaghe

Round 12

Touch gloves, Roy with newfound respect puts his hands on Joe's shoulders. Roy looking aggressive in his stance , Joe circling away. Joe throws a good jab and Roy misses a straight right. Roy throws a huge knockout right that hits air as Calzaghe ducks. Calzaghe posturing, getting low and bob and weaving. Roy to the ropes and Calzaghe blasts the body. Roy throwing nothing at the momen. Roy trying to come on with right hands, lands one and Calzaghe showboats. Roy throws a good right to the body. Joe showboating, showing little respect for Jones. Calzaghe ends with his hands in the air, laughing at Roy. Roy stand bewildered and with respect and they hug and give each other props.

10-9 Jones (neither did much, Roy came forward more)

Results to be announced in one Minute

All three judges score the fight 118-109 for Calzaghe

Calzaghe landed 344 to 159 total punches over Jones. 120-12 in jabs for Calzaghe, and 224 to 147 for Calzaghe in power shots.


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