Boxing Results: Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 9, 2012) Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank
Pacquiao vs. Bradley

Tonight's round by round live boxing coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley is being conducted by Johnny Benz. Please refresh this page every 4 mintues for the latest updates on how the fight is going down, punch by punch and round by round.

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The fight is going to start shortly. Pacquiao is wrapping up his hands and should be making his way to the ring shortly. Please refresh this page again in 4 minutes for the latest update.

* Update - Bradley is pacing in his locker room waiting for the call to the ring. Pacquiao is holding up the show right now, making Bradley wait.


ROUND ONE: Round One - Pacquiao and Bradley meet in the middle. Bradley working the jab, and so is Pacquiao. Light jabs landed by both. Pacquiao goes to the body and then comes back up top and gives bradley a one - two to the head. Pacquiao looks good on his feet. Bradley attacks but hits Pacquiao's defense. Pacquiao throwing punches from a distance and slowly inching his way closer to Bradley. A feeling out round. Bradley is being cautious when Pacquiao jumps in. Pacquiao a stronger finisher to end the round. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round TWO: Straight left hand hit Bradley hard. Bradley shrugs it off. Pacquiao is showing speed. Pacquiao lands well with the straight, hits Bradley on the chin. Bradley goes on the attack, showing up a storm on the rope and hits Pacquiao a few times. Pacquiao off the ropes now, back in the center of the ring. Hard round to pick a winner for.

Pacquiao 10-9

Round Three: Bradley using his Jab and bouncing around,. Pacquiao working and looking for angles. Bradley hits on the clinch. Pacquiao's straight left is working well tonight. Bradley works the body with a nice hard punch, but doesn't follow up. Bradley goes for the head and Pacquiao's defense is great, ducking and dodging and then landing the straight hand again on Bradley. Pacquiao's timing is getting really good. Pacquiao seems to be hurting Bradley near the end of the round.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round Four - Pacquiao's speed and trimming looking good. Bradley isn't frustrated, and that is good. Bradley whacks to the Body. Pacquiao catches Bradley with a good right. Bradley needs to change his game plan. He is not looking bad, but this style is playing well into Pacquiao. Bradley throws some good looking punches, but the effects seem minimal. Pacquiao lands right in the sternum (body-shot) really hard, follows with combinations. Bradley's leggs are wobbly. Pacquiao pulls up speed. Bell stops the round.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round 5 - Bradley working the jab trying to set something up. His legs still a bit sluggish. Bradley looks to be taking off the first minute... get some composure? Pacquiao lands a rough left hand... bradley eats it up. Bradley just throwing the kind of punches to keep Pacquiao back. Looks like survival mode for this round. Boring round so far, blame Bradley... but he is trying to re-energize. Near the final 30 seconds Pacquiao lands hard with a left hand and Bradley is very wobbly. Bradley composes himself enough to fight back and stop Pacquiao from doing anymore damage.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round 6 - Bradley not changing his style... no way he can win this way. Survive maybe, but win? No way. Pacquiao's confidence is getting stronger and he bangs his gloves together as to motion Bradley to give up some action and play. Pacquiao bids his time, uses his jab, looks for openings and lands well with his left. Bradley throws a head shot and Pacquaio answers back by avoiding it and landing his own head about speed from Pacman! Bradley is in the corner taking some punishment, Pacquiao is smilling. Lands a great uppercut and then some more shots land for Pacquiao on Bradley's head.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round 7 - Bradley using the same game plan... Jab, Jab to not much avail. It's starting to become a boring fight to watch, and it is not Pacquiao's fault... he is just that much superior to Bradley. What is making it boring is Bradley isn't changing things up or showing off some other tricks in his bag. Straight left lands hard for Pacquiao. Pacquiao truns the heat up, Bradley hits Pacquiao, and Pacquiao answers back with his own storm. Bradley lands some good over hand rights. Bradley lloks like he might be working his way back into the fight. A second wind? Did he hear me say I was getting bored? Still, Pacquiao's round.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round 8 -
Bradley needs to do some Desert Stormin'! Not much to report... a clash of heds happens at around one minute it. Pacquiao is playing hard and working it fast. Pacquiao is making Bradley move around the ring fast because of his quick punching. Pacquiao bangs his gloves together wanting some more action. Bradley is fighting a game that says he just wants to make it to the final round. I want and need to see more from Bradley.. Over hand right lands nicley for Bradley.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round 9 - Bradley comes out hard this round, works Pacquiao nicely to the body. Pacquiao can turn up the heat and force bradley to either fight back or get KO'ed. Pacquiao should trying and look for an end in this fight. Give it to Bradley, he is rugged. Bradley and Pacquiao fighting in close quarters, But Bradley's shots are not powerful, or particularily fast. Pacquia goes in, lands combos, moves out. Bradley is fighting back, but Pacquiao is landing the better and more powerful shots.

Round 10 - Boring round the first minute. Bradley doing his best to walk around and avoid any serious action. Nothing really happened...Pacquiao took the round off. I think this round might Bradley's round.

10-9 Bradley

Round 11 -
Bradley lloks a little fresher this round. Using his jab and moving around. Finally, but too late, Bradley is changing up his style and being more effective. Pacquiao is no longer pushing the action the way he was. Bradley is looking decent in this round. Finally bradley is getting some timing. Pacquiao isn't giving much. Pacquiao finally wakes up in the last minute, both are trying to slug. Pacquiao playing the hunter, Bradley trying to be a sniper... both looking to do damage, but not doing much.

10-9 Bradley

Round 12 - Bradley will need a KO to win. Just don;t see that happening. Bradley finally looking better, but too late. Pacquiao just wants to finish it. Not a very satisfying fight. Boring fight, boring final round.

10-9 Pacquiao

Up next, the JUDGE'S DECISION...

.Up next, the JUDGE'S DECISION.
All 3 judges scored 115-113, two in favor of Bradley and one for Pacquiao ...

Timothy Bradley winner by Spilt Decision! Not the fight I was watching. NEW WBO CHAMPION TIMOTHY BRADLEY


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