Corrales waits in the Shadows
By Chris Robinson (February 8, 2005) 
Diego Corrales
As fight fans, we have seen WBO Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales go through the motions. Truly a fighter who has experienced the ups and downs of the fight game, we have seen the Sacramento native at his strongest while also taking him in at his most vulnerable moments. We have seen Corrales deliver chilling knockouts against Roberto Garcia as he captured his first world title and later against Angel Manfredy, whom he nearly beheaded on his way to a 3rd round stoppage showcase of his power and precision.

We have also seen Corrales taste the low moments in the fight game, as he suffered heartbreaking losses to Floyd Mayweather and Joel Casamayor, being thoroughly outclassed against Floyd and having the fight stopped against Joel due to a massive cut in his lip despite his urges of wanting to continue battle. Most recently we saw Corrales fall behind early against Brazil's favorite son Acelino Freitas, only to claw his way back and stop ‘Popo’ in the 10th round after scoring three knockdowns from out of the blue. It was a fight of the year type of scrap, and with the victory Corrales capped off an excellent 2004.

His career has been a great rollercoaster ride and we’re lucky to have him, as he is a rare breed of fighter who constantly shows his desire to fight the best. We’ve seen him rise and seen him fall, seen him in just about every position imaginable as a fighter, but we won’t be seeing him fight Jose Luis Castillo on March 5th, as originally planned. Due to various reasons, Corrales was unable to land the bout as IBF Lightweight Champion Julio Diaz now steps in for him.

At first glance it would seem that Corrales’ situation seems a bit lost on hope, but in a classic situation of ‘bad news, good news,’ it appears that Corrales could still have the last word. It looks now that Corrales is penned in to fight on Showtime on May 7th, with the winner of Diaz-Castillo being his grade A opponent. It looks as though we can all breathe a sigh of relief, as a once frustrated Corrales can now prepare for another big fight that seemed to have slipped by him.

Castillo vs. Diaz is a fight I was dying to see a few years back, and with Julio’s recent title winning effort over Javier Jauregui, it is again a fight that perks my interest. Logic says that Castillo’s non stop pressure and body attack should see him through, but whoever comes out the winner will certainly make a great match-up for Corrales, as ‘Chico’ seems to make any fight he’s in one worth watching. Corrales has always wanted to tackle the best, and after some shaky moments it looks as though he will indeed get his wish. We’ll be seeing him fight on Showtime against a fine champion, he’ll just have to wait in the shadows a few months longer before re-emerging.
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