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Best Quotes Of The Night: Barrera-Ayala, Taylor-Marquez
Compiled by Chris Robinson (June 21, 2004) 
Photo © Chris Farina
"Marquez may need some surgery on his offense..." Larry Merchant commenting on Raul Marquez, who has had numerous facial surgeries due to his soft skin, and his lack of firepower early in the fight.

"He's a pro!" Jim Lampley admiring Raul Marquez and the amount of punishment he was enduring during his one sided loss to Taylor.

"Right now it looks like a Doberman vs. a Collie and Jermain Taylor is the Doberman..." Larry Merchant stating the obvious, as he watched the bigger Taylor have his way with the game Marquez.

"Maybe he won't look like a guy who's been eating too many of those airplane cinnamon buns..." Larry Merchant commenting on Oscar De La Hoya, hoping he comes to the ring in better shape come September 18th when he meets Bernard Hopkins.

"I still have to give him a good chance to upset Hopkins..." Manny Steward being honest about his former fighter's chances against Bernard.

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"I give myself a 4..." Jermain Taylor when asked by Larry Merchant what he thought of his own performance.

"I love a tough challenge baby!" Taylor celebrating his victory and setting his sights on future bouts.

"They just look better than men..." The always opinionated Harold Lederman in response to Jim Lampley's pondering of why ring card girls made their way into the boxing ring.

"It's a very pretty pair of trunks, no doubt about it." - Jim Lampley responding to Manny Steward's praise of Marco Antonio Barrera's ring wear.

"Barrera's one of the few fighters who has gone from an aggressive brawling style into that of boxing counterpuncher and made a smooth transition of it." - Jim Lampley.

"It's not like Mike Tyson became Chris Byrd, but that's what he's going for..." - Lampley commenting on the style change that Marco Antonio Barrera has grown into over the past couple of years.

"I don't want to see you take a beating..." - Referee Pat Russell to Paulie Ayala after the 8th round, in which Ayala suffered two knockdowns.

"Great trunks, great game plan, great execution, and a great comeback by Marco Antonio Barrera..." Lampley after the fight, once again admiring the handiwork of Barrera.

"The Baby Faced Assassin is back!" - Ring Announcer Jim Buffer after the fight, announcing to the crowd the return of one of the sports' great prizefighters.

"What happened in November was a bad night..." - Marco Antonio Barrera discussing his loss to Manny Pacquiao last year.

"The main thing is 'He's back.'" - Manny Steward telling Jim Lampley his feelings on Barrera's latest outing in the ring.

"Distractions can distract and can also be an alibi." - Marco Antonio Barrera responding to questions regarding his loss at the hands of Manny Pacquiao
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