Business as Usual: Mayweather carves Mitchell up in six
By Chris Robinson (November 20, 2005)
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Lastnight at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, Floyd Mayweather reminded us why he is the fighter that he is with a six round drubbing of former Jr. Welterweight champion Sharmba Mitchell.

From the outset it was all Mayweather as he felt Mitchell out in the first and had him reeling soon afterwards. Straight right hand leads and a solid body attack lead the way for Floyd as he clearly showed the difference in class between both men. Mitchell is a slick southpaw with enough skill and seasoning to be taken seriously but Mayweather’s speed and accuracy were too much for him tonight.

Mitchell hit the deck in the third after a straight right hand from Mayweather. In the sixth Mitchell would again be on the canvas, this time voluntarily after a right hand body shot by Floyd. Mitchell was up at the count of nine but referee Richard Steele sensed that Sharmba had seen enough and called the fight off. With the win Mayweather moves to 35-0 with 24 knockouts while Mitchell drops to 56-5 with 30 kills.

It looked like another day in the office for Floyd tonight. A lot of his trademarks were on display; the shoulder roll defense, the ring presence, the speed, and most importantly his great right hand with which he scored both knockdowns.

Afterwards Floyd was taking in the win and acknowledged that perhaps he did look for the kill too early.

‘I rushed it a little early on. I got hit with a couple shots I shouldn’t have but I came out victorious.’

Between 147 and 154 lbs. there are a lot of dangerous fights for Floyd. Mayweather is ready to take on all comers but seems to have one man in mind.

‘I want to fight the best. I would love to fight Zab Judah.’

We’ve been watching Floyd for years now and even when he’s in a fight that isn’t as dangerous or competitive as we’d like, he still finds a way to impress. Some people like to badmouth him because of his cockiness or out of the ring lifestyle, but I say let’s appreciate the kid while he’s still here. Simply put, Floyd Mayweather isn’t just great; he’s a special fighter and guys like him don’t come around too often.

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