Boxing Prediction on Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao
By Rob Scott, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 21, 2008)  
Wishful thinking and optimism has been a benefit to many because with some, the ability is there, but the hardest thing is take the chance and put one's self in harms way. Once the demon of insecurity is vanquished, it allows some to get in there and handle their business. With that being said, let's not lose sight of those who put themselves in harm's way and get just that - harmed. That happens to those who's confidence level out weighs their physical abilities.

Freddie Roach has optimism and wishful thinking, but he isn't the one getting in there on December 6th. He has supreme confidence in his fighter and as the fight draws near, Pacquaio is just as confident in his chances. Admittedly, I haven't been the biggest Oscar DeLaHoya fan, but I'm finding it rather difficult to see him losing. The saying, "A good big man always beats a good little man" is one that I have a personal belief in. I never thought of Delahoya as great, but I never thought of him as a bum either.

I just think it is a classic case of confidence outweighing physical ability. Pac man gobbled up some of the best from 135lbs on down, but with the added weight, larger opponent.....and I can go on, I think Pacquiao will find DeLaHoya tougher meat to chew on.

Final Prediction:
Oscar De La Hoya winner by way of late stoppage.

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