Light the fuse and wait, Corrales and Castillo are about to explode
By Rob Scott (May 6, 2005) 
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Like some people, I love a good boxing match; the kind of boxing in the sense of the classic stick-and-move, hit-and-don’t get hit style of combat. Notice I started off by saying “like some” when I spoke of the love for a good boxing match, because I, like others, also have a certain love that is definitely directed towards that blood-and-guts, seek-find-destroy type of combat that is essentially at the heart of the sweet science. Inside the ring most fighters have a preference as well; one usually tailor made for them so they can walk home with the win. When Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo both faced Floyd Mayweather in their respective matches, they both faced that style where they had to seek and find, but they couldn’t destroy. They couldn’t destroy because you can’t destroy something you can’t hit. But this Saturday night on Showtime they won’t have to look hard for one another when WBO lightweight champion Diego ‘Chico’ Corrales, 39-2 (32), faces off with two-time and current WBC/Ring Magazine lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo, 52-6-1 (46), in a highly anticipated unification bout from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight will be telecast live on Showtime at 9pm ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast.

With this bout, we will be treated to a fight reminiscent of the game ‘chicken’. You know the game; the one in which both will be coming full speed ahead towards one another, and at the very last second, one chickens-out and moves out of the way. The exciting part about this bout is that the chances are neither will move, making way for a clash of explosive proportions.

My dilemma has been trying to find where one of these two fighters excels over the other. As I said in my colleague Anthony Cocks’ fight prediction column, this is a fight where the saying ‘whoever wants it more’ could never be more true. Both warriors have knockout punching power; both have that do-or-die attitude; and both are relentless in their attack. The problems they have had with the fast-handed stick-and-movers won’t play a part in this match-up, as they are both cut from the same seek-find-destroy cloth. Their biggest dilemma is that neither of them has ever faced the likes of one another in the ring.  

On the surface Castillo has a proven granite chin, while some look at Corrales knockdowns in his fights with Mayweather and Casamayor as a sign that this will be his Achilles heel. Maybe my vision is blurry, but I think those knockdowns have created an aberration in association with this fight. Those particular knockdowns came from speed; the kind that Castillo doesn’t possess. The shots that Corrales took in his fight with Acelino Freitas just may be a more indicative indication of his ability to take a power shot. If so, we are in for boxing’s version of a nuclear war.

Within the next few months the boxing public will be treated to some other major fights as well; fights like next week’s Felix Trinidad vs. Winky Wright middleweight showdown, next month’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Arturo Gatti WBC super lightweight battle, and let’s not forget Kostya Tszyu’s IBF junior welterweight title defense against England’s Ricky Hatton. All of these bouts have caused quite a bit of intrigue and anticipation in the boxing world, but for my money, the Corrales vs. Castillo clash is the one that will leave us in awe.

When one feels that they are the very best, they are willing to fight the best to prove that point beyond a shadow of a doubt. Words are superfluous in these situations; actions are all that matter. In the lightweight division these two are considered the very best. Both feel they are the single very best fighter in the division. Only one of them is right and we will see on Saturday night just which one it is.

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