Leavander Johnson – In Remembrance
By Rob Scott (Sep 20, 2006)
The saying that “time heals all wounds” is a true one. The physical wounds have a tendency of healing in a much quicker fashion than that of the mind. Upon hearing the news of the passing of Leavander Johnson one year ago, the boxing world, the people of Atlantic City, and more over, the Johnson family themselves were dealt a blow in which the wound still has a deep hurt.

In a sport where it’s a fighter’s job to incapacitate their opponent, death is a definite possibility. Every time a fighter steps between those ropes, the chances of them being forced to take their last breath looms as close as someone tapping you
on your shoulder. Even with all the dangers, the competitive nature of fighters pushes them to take the chances necessary to compete in this rough and tumble sport. The sad part is, with some, when time heals the wounds left after one’s passing, time sometimes take away society’s memory of those fallen pugilists as well.

On Friday, September 22nd, exactly one year after the passing of their own Leavander Johnson, the City of Atlantic City, the council office of Gene Robinson along with his legislative aides, Gail Jasper and Audrey Michael, and those that were closest to him will do their share in making sure that his name lives on with a ceremony honoring the former IBF lightweight champion with a street named in his honor. A plaque will also be unveiled, as the 3rd Floor Gym in which he trained within the Police Athletic League Building in Atlantic City will also take his name.

The new street name will be known as “Leavander William Johnson World Champion Drive”, while the official new name of the gym will be aptly named “Home of world lightweight champion Leavander Johnson”. 

When fallen fighter’s names pass on after they’re departure, these new landmarks will keep Leavander’s name alive. Family and friends will never forget, now many more will remember as well.

Again, Friday, September 22nd at 12 noon is when this honor will take place, come out and be apart if this ceremony.

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