National Lampoon's Pop Culture Minute (Or So) on Snoop Dog, Jessica Simpson's Breasts, Vanilla Ice and much more
By Written by Marshall Chiles (April 14, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Snoop Dog has announced he is releasing a children’s book. Some assumed titles are “The Grinch Who Stole Compton,” “The Gat in the Hat,” and “Horton hears a snatch.”

Vanilla Ice was recently arrested for domestic violence. He didn’t actually hit his wife, he just made her listen to his album over and over again. He asked the media to not contact his family. But the reporters responded by saying, Hey, we just want to get, word to your mother.

Recent news outlets have announced that Ashlee Simpson is engaged. Which is disturbing that she made the news yet again because we would never even know who she is if it were not for her sister’s breasts.

Britain's first outdoor playground for the elderly, featuring low impact exercise equipment, recently opened next to an existing children's playground. To save taxpayer money, the two playgrounds share the same diaper changing area.

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