National Lampoon Pop Culture Minute (Or So) on Demi Lovato, Dr Phil, Wesley Snipes, Ivana Trump, Grocery Shooting and much more
Written by Marshall Chiles, Steve Hofstetter, and Tom Simmons (April 16, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Disney Studios have announced their next big child star is going to be Demi Lovato. With the creation of all these child stars, one has to wonder when Disney will build their own Rehab center.

Dr. Phil recently paid a $30,000 bond to release the ringleader in the video taped brutal teen beating by 8 girls. He claims that he only wants to help . . . his ratings.

Prosecutor are seeking three years in prison for Wesley Snipes, one for each "Blade" movie.

Ivana Trump married for the fourth time this past weekend. She banned all cameras from the ceremony, that way the only thing discarded after the marriage will be Ivana.

Milwaukee police have obtained video of a grocery store shootout in which several customers kept shopping during the gunfire. No one can hardly blame them since it was double coupon day.

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