The Harder They Fall
By Sunset Thomas (Aug 1, 2011) Doghouse Boxing ( Photo © German Villasenor)
Lamont Peterson
“Hey Vic, I’m the queen of low blows and I want to tell you—you got that call right!” That’s what I said to Vic Drakulich (referee of the Amir Khan/ Zab Judah fight a week before at the Mandalay Bay). He laughed and smiled that infectious smile of his and said thanks.

We were both at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas—both working too. Little did I know my off-the-cuff comment was a portent of things to come!

First let me quickly describe the joint—it rocks. Comfort, class—a perfect Vegas venue for a night at the fights and this was a night at the fights all right—ESPN’s Friday Night Fights no less!

Hey, there’s nothing like a KO in the opener and that’s what we got when in Round 2, Sergey Kovalev dropped Douglas Otieno. Frankie was all smiles…

When the televised portion of the evening started, well sure the kid muffed the National Anthem but he did so with such modest honesty that, well, American’s being such underdog devotees gave him a rousing cheer in any event.

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Drakulich was the third man in the ring when the first TV bout started—two ranked Light Heavyweights—Edison Miranda and Yordanis Despaigne and that’s when my “low blow” comment came back to haunt the arena in earnest!

These two guys were tossing leather—however, some of Miranda’s were in the area of the nether—meaning below the belt and he got point deductions for his mis-guided missiles…

“Well that’s one way to slow a guy down, though I’m sure you know all about that Sunset,” Frankie grumbled—forgiving at first but not so gullible after Miranda’s second testicle toss.

When Vic waved off any further action after Miranda’s third infraction during Round 5, why the crowd rose as they had during the National Anthem. And though they’d cut the lost lyricist slack there would be none for Drakulich, as a steady chorus of boo’s bellowed throughout the building.

“You hate to see a fight end that way,” Frankie waxed, but ya know when they meet in the center of the ring before the bell, why the ref doesn’t say a whole lot but the one consistent is to show the belt line to each fighter and to warn them of the consequences of not getting the picture. Miranda crossed the line—and he paid. And though this battle had the makings of a real crowd pleasing slugfest—well the Marquis of Queensberry (the first guy to protect the berries) would have been proud!”

The event had a big time vibe about it—Zab was there to check out his potential next opponent in the Main Event—Roberto Duran and Leon Spinks were ringside too!

Jack Badou (a Vegas pug with an unblemished record) fought next. Timothy Hall Jr. (his opponent) seemed outclassed from the get-go.

“Most guys gain weight after the weigh-in” Frankie groused, this Hall kid looks like he lost weight.” It didn’t take long for Jack to add to his string of victories…

The Main Event was an IBF Jr. Welterweight Elimination Attraction between Victor Cayo and Lamont Peterson (the winner to perhaps fight the aforementioned Judah).

It was quality boxing—two stylist doing there thing, trading rounds, swapping punches. Frankie had it even going into the 12th and final round.

Peterson must have felt it more than Cayo because he seemed to know just how important the final 3 minutes were—he threw bombs and they landed. And Cayo, who had the most aggravating habit of dangling his mitts below his belt—some misguided taunt I suppose—got what he seemed to beseech.

Peterson slammed him, hurt him, dazed him, had him looking for the ref to offer some sanctuary—but it wasn’t going to happen. With only a dozen clicks or so on the clock Peterson dealt the coup de grace and dropped Cayo to the canvas where he would stay until counted out!

What a card. What a venue. Promoter Leon Margules ought to be congratulated for providing something for Vegas fight fans that the Judah/Khan fight only a week earlier failed to deliver…

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