The Harder They Fall: Chad Dawson, Floyd Mayweather Jr and More!
By Sunset Thomas, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 9, 2009) Photo © Will Hart / HBO  
I love HBO—heck, I starred in one of their biggest hits ever—Cathouse. But I was kind of bummed the other night watching the listless Chad Dawson/Glen Johnson bout on the venerable cable station.

Frankie Gambino was doubly pissed because not only couldn’t he stomach the bout but he ultimately wanted to mute the volume because he couldn’t stand listening to the drum-banging blather of pug pundits Jim Lampley, Emanuel Steward and Max Kellerman.

“Kid,” Frankie said, “if these guys were broadcasting this fight over the radio—if all you had to go on was their account of it—heck you wouldn’t recognize what you’re hearing and the sad spectacle we’re watching. Pitch-men they are, the whole bunch of ‘em!”

I kind of had to agree with my pissed off paisano—the trio did sound more like promoters than journalists –try as the might, they simply couldn’t sell viewers (at least not us) with enough blather to sweeten the droll display happening in the ring.
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“That Dawson fella oughta be Dancing with the Stars,” Frankie spit. “He can’t punch and that slug of a pug Johnson, plays the part of the patsy looking for a paycheck like a central casting sensation!”

Frankie was pissed and I can’t really blame him. See, Frankie Gambino loves the sport of boxing. He recognizes that it’s lost some luster over the years and has in fact began to take a back seat to the Mixed Martial Arts variety of man-on-man controlled combat. But Frankie’s no apologist, he’ll call a spade a spade—he’s old school that way—and he expects the same from anyone who represents what he considers to be the greatest sport ever—one, he’s proud of bragging, goes back to the 3rd Millennium BC!

“Can you imagine how Cosell would have called this bout?” Frankie asked. “He’d a told it like it is. And that is that NOTHING is happening in that ring. Dawson isn’t cleverly confusing Johnson, Johnson simply isn’t throwing punches. He is not in this fight—for whatever reason. As for Dawson, why sweetheart, I’m afraid you’d break one of your pretty French style fingernails before that kid could break the skin of a grape with his mitts.”

By the final round, when the Connecticut crowd was clearly chanting “Bullshit” and Lampley was telling us they were shouting “Dawson,” well, that’s when I finally acquiesced to Frankie and turned off the volume.

Hey, I can stomach a fight fought strategically—a chess match as it were. Heck, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a technician—he doesn’t lavish on the legions of bloodlust types. But to paint over, what was clearly a questionable performance by both fighters—to call the bout anything but what it was (the crowd had it right Mr. Lampley), why that’s just shilling!

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