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G Man: Revisited Again

Jan 20, 2004  By Vito Trabucco
The date was February 25, 1995. I’ll never forget watching Gerald McClellan pound then World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Middleweight Champion Nigel Benn through the ropes in the opening round. He was on his way to another first round knockout. It still haunts me to this day, every second of that fight after Benn found his way back into the ring. After a long war, McClellan could no longer continue in the 10th, and was taken to a hospital where the doctors removed a blood clot. Gerald spent 11 days in a Coma.

Every so often something pops up on Gerald “G-Man” McClellan. And for good reason. We can’t let people forget what happened that night. Not just about the dangers of boxing, dirty fighting, or referee Alfred Azaro (who apparently doesn’t know how to count to 10). But mostly just about a fighter we miss a whole lot.

I recently got a chance to view the McClellan/Benn fight again with a couple of close friends, and not a round went by that one of us wouldn’t have a tear in our eye. Not only was I sad that my favorite fighter was in this position, but I was also angry. Angry at the way Don King and Nigel Benn wouldn’t even acknowledge the fallen warrior. Does anyone remember how much Don King loved the “G-Man” before this fight? The last thing on King’s mind after the bout was the state of Gerald McClellan. I guess he wasn’t too worried about it. Gerald wasn’t going to be around to make him any more money. Only in England huh, Don?

I will give Nigel Benn the benefit of the doubt on one thing though; he didn’t seem to have fought as dirty of a fight as I remembered. For months after the fight I hated Nigel Benn so bad saying to myself, “I hope Roy Jones, JR. fights him and kills him!” After time (and after Nigel Benn’s career went drastically down hill), I began to forgive “The Dark Destroyer”. He’s a warrior just like McClellan. But I never forgave Don King.

From Julian Jackson to John Mugabi to Jay Bell, Gerald McClellan was one of the most exciting Middleweights I’ve had the privilege of seeing. I mean the guy had 20 first round knockouts in 34 prizefights. Yes sir, there will only be one “G-Man.”

Today Gerald lives with his sister Lisa, who has devoted her life to taking care of her brother. It’s been said that Gerald needs $70,000 a year to live. Along with all the other contributors is Roy Jones, JR. Gerald’s old time friend. I wonder if Don King is helping out?

The McClellan family has been through a lot since the Benn fight and could continue to use our support. The champ had to take a knee back in 1995, but this time, I think he’s going to go the distance.

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