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Olajide & Gibbs: Two fights. One Goal.

Feb 19, 2004  Vito Trabucco
Friday Night Fights on ESPN 2 at the Bally's Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey will feature two young rising stars on their quest for championship gold. Junior middleweight Tokunbo Olajide and undefeated middleweight Willie “The Gladiator” Gibbs.

This will be Tokunbo Olajide’s (19-1 16 KO’s) third fight since being knocked out in the first round by Epifanio Mendoza (18-2-1 18KO’s) at the Regent Wall Street Hotel in New York back on October 13th 2002.

Olajide’s opponent Friday will be Larry Marks (24-6 14KO‘s). Marks has lost 3 out of his last six. With his ability to take a punch though and never being knocked out, Marks will be the perfect challenge to test Tokunbo Olajide’s later round abilities. This is exactly what Olajide needs if he wants to continue his climb up the junior middleweight ladder.

As for Willie Gibbs (15-0 12KO‘s), this will be one of the biggest tests of his young career. In fact, Gibbs only fought one fighter with a winning record. That was against Chance Leggett (9-1 4 KO’s) at The Fairgrounds in Brockton, Massachusetts in August of last year. Gibbs knocked out Leggett in the 7th.

But Friday his opponent is not Chance Leggett, it’s Glen Rayburn (12-2-1 7 KO’s), and despite two early loses in his career, has been pretty efficient at putting together a nice string of wins. This Friday, “The Gladiator” will truly be tested.

Two rising stars versus 2 worthy challengers ready to play the spoiler. Expect this to be a very exciting night of boxing.

Also, in the ESPN2 studios will be Undisputed Middleweight Champion of the World, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. I’m sure Hopkins will be there to give us more info and insight on the now big story of the Hopkins/De La Hoya “Superfight”.

On a side note, we want to wish Max Kellerman good luck on his future ventures as one of the sports top boxing analysts. Last week we learned that Max will no longer be hosting Friday Night Fights. But with a card like this, I’m sure he’ll still be watching.

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