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Round 3: The Legacy of Tyson and Holyfield
12 Rounds with Vito and Joe Trabucco (April 26, 2004) 
Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield
In our society, people tend to see things in black and white. Being able to look at both sides of any issue has never been our greatest strength. The fact that we do this when it comes to sports is only proof that we love to disagree. For instance, you are either a Red Sox or Yankees fan, either Steelers or Browns, either Lakers or Celtics. Some rivalries span generations, while others are a product of a single era. Fans on both sides are convinced that they are correct, even if there is no right and wrong to begin with. In the Trabucco house, beginning in the early 90s, you were either a Tyson fan or a Holyfield fan. The battle rages on...

Joe: I have always been a Holyfield man. I have to admit, that I am curious how you plan to build your case for Tyson, considering how much more Holyfield has accomplished.

Vito: Are you serious? We've been arguing about this for 10 years. Granted, Holyfield has done a lot of great things in his career, but when history remembers both fighters, Tyson will be King.

Joe: I see. So let it be written, so let it be done. Who are you Moses? Would you please explain to me how you come to that conclusion? Let's not forget that Holyfield beat his ass when they first met. Also, Holyfield had more meaningful fights.

Vito: Please don't give me that Riddick Bowe trilogy crap. Just because Tyson dominated his opponents instead of having close dramatic wins, people feel they weren't as memorable. Also remember that Tunney beat Dempsey twice, and no one mentions them in the same breath.

Joe: Tyson beat a bunch of has-been heavyweights, while Holyfield faced men in their prime. When he lost, he would always come back. Did Tyson even avenge one of his losses?

Vito: I didn't realize Foreman and Holmes were in their primes against Holyfield. Tyson knocked out Holmes while Holyfield fights to a close decision. The public loves Holyfield because he was exciting. Tyson was too dominant for his own good.

Joe: Yeah, fans hate fighters who can knock people out in 30 seconds. There is a factor called longevity, though. Tyson did not have the staying power that Holyfield did. Tyson became a non factor after he took a bite out of Holyfield.

Vito: He bit his ear because Holyfield was continually head butting him throughout the fight. Holyfield had a good career, but you can't even compare them in their primes. Don't spit on the man who brought boxing back from the dead.

Joe: Tyson brought boxing back, but he only lasted 3 years. Holyfield lasted for more than a decade. How can you argue that?

Vito: Do you mean when Holyfield was fighting those classics against Foreman, Holmes, and Moorer. The reason Tyson doesn't get the respect he deserves is because of his out of the ring behavior. We can't judge a fighter's ring greatness on what happened outside of it.

Joe: What was I thinking? Holyfield's fights don't measure up to the Tyson classics like Biggs, Tubbs, and Smith. I don't care what Tyson did outside of the ring. The fact of the matter is, he was great for a short time, but that doesn't make a legend.

Vito: Tyson isn't a legend?! You're probably one of those morons who think that Lennox Lewis is one of the greats. We're talking about a guy who dominated an era. Joe Louis had his “Bum of the Month Club, but maybe they weren't so much bums, as he was great. The same applies to Tyson.

For Today's Boxing Headlines: The Real Bite
Ten Seconds...

Joe: I can admit that Tyson will go down as a great heavyweight. However, when the smoke clears, it will be accomplishments that matter most. Holyfield is the only man to become a 4 time Heavyweight Champion. He was the total package of skill and heart. That's why he will be judged higher than Tyson.

Vito: Really? Lost the title 4 times, huh? Seriously, though, saying Holyfield was great is an understatement. He did have the heart and skill of a champion. But 50 years from now, who are you going to tell your grandkids about? Tyson, that's who. So let it be written, so let it be done.

End of Round 3 ( In as Series of 12).
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