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Open Letter From Olando "The Warrior" Rivera: Challenge To All So-Called Top Light-Heavyweights
As Told to Vito Trabucco (Jun 3, 2004) 
Olando "The Warrior" Rivera
Mr. Vito Trabucco,

I enjoy Doghouse Boxing very much and wanted your site to have my exclusive open letter. Keep up the great work.

To all light heavyweights:

They say that the current state of boxing is in trouble. Today, everyone wants to beat up on a bunch of outclassed fighters just to get a great record and one big payday. I see guys that are 20-0 and haven’t fought more then 3 guys with a wining record! I look at the top 20 fighters in our division, all claiming to be number one, yet none of them will fight a worthy opponent unless they get paid three times more then what any hard working man or woman makes in a year! The state of boxing is in trouble because fighters are refusing to give the fans what they want and that makes me sick! They say the state of boxing is in trouble. Well, I say the light heavyweight division is in trouble.

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Allow me to introduce myself. I hold 5 World Kickboxing Titles. I have a kickboxing record of 32-3-1 with 20 Knockouts. I have been undefeated in kickboxing for ten year and have a boxing record of 12-3-2 with 5 knockouts. Currently, I hold the WBC Latin Americas Title and the IBC Americas Title. I’m 40 years old and I’m just getting started.

I challenge any of the so-called top light-heavyweights. Stop crying that someone hasn’t given you a million dollars yet. Stop whining because Roy Jones, JR. doesn’t know your name. If you want to keep your ranking or prove to the world that you are the real deal, then step up to the plate. Get in the ring with me; Ulrich, Ruiz, Telesco, Harmon, Muriqui, Hoye, Wiggins, Tarver, etc.

Over the last few years I stepped in the ring with Santiago, Torres, Whitaker, Ruiz, Rush etc. My opponents have had a combined record of 241-94-19. Look at my own record and ask yourself if you stepped up to the same level of competition. Last week I stepped into the ring with a great fighter, Julio Gonzalez. Even with a stomach virus I made weight and put in 10 rounds with Mr. Gonzalez on his turf and if he were willing, I would love to do it again…Are you willing? The state of boxing is in trouble because egos are ruining the sport. It’s time to put up or shut up and start to give the fans what they want. It’s not about you and me. This sport is bigger then you and me. Are you willing to walk the walk; Drews, Mack, Barros, Batchelder?

Let’s bring this sport back to its prime. Boxers are the best athletes out there. So let’s prove it. In every other division I see the top guys putting their necks on the line. This division will only do it if they get pampered and paid a ridiculous amount of money. Hats off to Harmon and Telesco for stepping up on Friday Night Fights. Is either of you up for a long night with the Warrior? David, we were supposed to fight a year ago, want to reschedule now? I’m game.

I want anybody in the top 20 and I’ll put either of my belts on the line. Last I checked the WBC had me at #16. That means at least 15 of you guys feel you’re better than me. So prove it. I want to know which one of you tough guys loves boxing as much as you love yourselves. I’ll be waiting for your response. You know how to get a hold of me.

Olando "The Warrior" Rivera
"There Can Be Only One!"

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