UFC President seriously Disses Tito Ortiz
By Johnny Benz (Aug 18, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Dana White the president of the UFC is not a man who holds back his mouth. White who is interviewed in the latest edition of Playboy Magazine, White was relentless in trashing Tito Ortiz. White not only called Ortiz a bitch and a clown but also claimed Ortiz was stupid.

In regards Ortiz, White tells Playboy Magazine: "That big-mouthed bitch, that clown. Back when he had the title, he refused to fight Chuck Liddell. He sat on the sidelines for a year and a half, crying, 'Aww, I don't have any money!' So I brought him back and made him a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. That year he made more than $6 million, yet he bitches about me."

White went on to lash Ortiz for being an idiot and no longer a decent fighter. "Well, I put up with Tito's shit when he was a decent fighter, but now he's not and I don't have to… Did you see what a wall flower he was on (The Celebrity Apprentice)? The guy has no presence. He was the idiot hiding in the back. If he actually did something, people would know how stupid he is," stated White.

For the complete interview, check out the latest edition of Playboy Magazine. On stands now.

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