UFC 169 Video Replays, Highlights, Q&A w Dana White, Barao, Faber, Overeem, Aldo, Lamas - plus Stann, Mendes & Florian Break Down & more
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UFC 169 Video Replays, Highlights, Q&A w Dana White, Barao, Faber, Overeem, Aldo, Lamas - plus Stann, Mendes & Florian Break Down & more
By Media Report on Doghouse Boxing (Feb 2, 2014)

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FOX SPORTS 1 UFC 169 POSTFIGHT SHOW. Quotes, Videos, Highlights, Replay of Action, Stann, Mendes and Florian Break Down UFC 169. Fights, Plus UFC President Dana White Interview and more.



LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 169 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 for UFC 169: BARAO VS. FABER. The show washosted by Jon Anik, with UFC featherweight No. 1 contender Chad Mendes, Brian Stann and Kenny Florian offering analysis. Heidi Androl conducted interviews on-site.  

UFC 169 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Kenny Florian on Renan Barao’s victory over Urijah Faber: “It started off as a pretty good round for Urijah Faber, but it was the right hand of Barao that started to land. Barao has that killer instinct. When he has you injured, he goes for the finish.  

UFC 169 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Brian Stann on Faber’s attempt to hold on to Barao at the end of the fight: “He was trying to buy time. He was blocking the punches. He put his thumb up and he was eating a bunch of shots.”

  UFC 169 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Chad Mendes on how Barao looked in the fight: “He looked really good. He looked fast. He sat down on his punches and there was a lot of power behind them.”  

Renan Barao on his game plan for the fight: “I always look for the knockout or submission and it came.”  

Barao on if he wants to face Dominick Cruz to secure his title: “I’m the champion. I’ll do whatever the UFC wants and I’ll fight whoever they want me to.”  

Video: Barao Interview


  Urijah Faber on his controversial loss: “When you’re in a dangerous situation, you protect yourself. The ref Herb Dean said ‘protect yourself’ and I put my thumb up. Herb Dean is a great ref. It’s unfortunate to not be able to fight to the end. I’ll be back. I’m not the type of person to stay down for very long.”  

Video: Faber Interview


  Florian on who Barao could fight next: “Finishing Faber was very impressive. I want to see him against Dominick Cruz. Champion versus champion.”

  Video: UFC 169 Highlights: Barao vs. Faber


  Video: Rogan and Goldberg Recap Barao vs. Faber


  UFC President Dana White on if he thought ref Herb Dean stopped the Barao – Faber fight too early: “Faber was okay. He was rocked. He was blocking the shots. Herb Dean doesn’t make many mistakes, but he blew it tonight.”  

White on Overeem’s fight tonight: “He fought safe. I think he could have finished Mir. He kept his job. Should Frank retire? We don’t make those decisions tonight. Frank is tough. It was a crappy performance by Alistair and then he calls out someone who doesn’t even fight in the UFC. It was not a great night for Overeem.”  

White on the next middleweight title fight: “Weidman will fight Vitor Belfort in Vegas Memorial Day Weekend. I’m excited about this fight. And yes, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will be the co-main event.”  

Video: Dana White interview


  Stann on what Jose Aldo did to beat Ricardo Lamas: “Jose showed fast hands and powerful kicks. He has the most devastating kicks in the UFC. You could feel them here all the way from New Jersey.  

Florian on what Lamas could have done: “He didn’t back Aldo up enough. If you’re going to fight the devastating leg kicker, you have to back him up. Ricardo should have tried more take downs from the center of the Octagon as well.”  

Jose Aldo on if he’ll defend his title at 145 or if he’ll move up to 155 next: “I still have a few more challengers in the division - Cub Swanson, Dustin Poirier and Chad Mendes. Each fight is a different challenge. If Pettis wants to fight, I’m ready to go and I want that fight.”  

Video: Jose Aldo on his win over Ricardo Lamas


                                                                                                                        Mendes on facing Aldo again: “I truly believe that I’m the guy who can beat Jose Aldo and I really want that shot. I’ve won five in a row, four by knockouts. I’ve grown so much since the last time we fought. I’ve completely changed my game and I’m excited to face him.”  

Mendes on a potential Aldo – Pettis fight: “This is a tough situation for me. I’m buddies with Pettis, and as a fan I’d love to see that fight. But I’m the true number-one contender. I should be fighting for the belt next. If Aldo goes up and vacates the belt, fine. Maybe me and Cub Swanson can fight for the title. I don’t think Aldo should take the belt with him and put the whole division on hold.”  

Video: UFC 169 Highlights: Aldo vs. Lamas


Video: Lamas Interview


  Video: Rogan and Goldberg Recap Aldo vs. Lamas


Mendes on how Alistair Overeem controlled Frank Mir on the ground: “He controlled and nullified the ground game of Frank Mir. The way Alistair held Frank’s arm over his head when he was on the ground didn’t allow Frank to do anything and he was just pinned down and taking shots.”                              

Alistair Overeem on his victory over Mir: “We had to play it safe. I gassed out in my last fight. I almost had Mir. We fought a safe and calculated fight. I felt like I could do damage on the ground, and gas him out on the floor without taking too much damage. I felt comfortable.”  

Video: Overeem Interview http://msn.foxsports.com/video/UFC?vid=84ba06ac-aee9-4bc6-874f-0b0362a999e1

  Stann on if Mir should retire: “I’d love to see him retire and get inducted into the Hall of Fame. He’s got the skills, but I don’t think he has the chin for the heavyweight division.”  

Video: Highlights: Mir vs. Overeem


  Video: Highlights: Bagautinov vs. Lineker


  Video: Ali Bagautinov comments on his victory over John Lineker.


  Video: Abel Trujillo on his victory over Jamie Varner.


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