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FS1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes – 9/30/15




Florian on Gustafsson’s key’s to victory: “He has to utilize his reach, keep Cormier on outside and utilize those long-range weapons.”


BJ Penn: “Mike Dolce, I’ll put a challenge out right now: You go get Nik Lentz, bring him down to 145 and I’ll run right through him in one round and then I’ll find you in the back and smash you.”


LOS ANGELES – UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian is joined by guest host Michael Bisping to preview UFC 192. They interview Daniel Cormier, Johny Hendricks and BJ Penn. Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.


UFC TONIGHT guest host Michael Bisping on withdrawing from UFC 193: “I’m having to withdraw from UFC 193. I need to have elbow surgery. It’s a minor surgery. I’m sorry to everyone who bought tickets and sorry to my opponent Robert Whittaker.”


UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on Jon Jones’ possible return to the UFC: “I think he’ll be back pretty soon. I’d expect to see him in February or April on the Madison Square Garden card.”


Bisping on Daniel Cormier’s keys to victory over Alexander Gustafsson: “He has to provide constant pressure. He has to close the gap on Gustafsson, push him against fence and take him down. He’s got to land takedowns. He’s got a huge advantage there and has to get his hands on him and use his wrestling. If and when, because he will get it, he has to maintain the top position. He has to take position over submission.”


Florian on Gustafsson’s key’s to victory over Cormier: “We all talk about his reach advantage. But what I’m most impressed with is his footwork. He has the ability to always be in the proper range for his knees and his nasty uppercut. He has to utilize the reach, keep Cormier on outside, utilize those long-range weapons. He needs to use his footwork to be in the proper range and finally he has to stop the takedown. If he can do these things, he will win the fight. This is not an easy fight for Cormier. Gustafsson’s been around the block and he’s very dangerous.”


VIDEO: FOX Sports StrikeZone and Predictions:


Daniel Cormier on the Jon Jones news: “We’re so closely tied together because of everything before our fight. I’m never going to be able to avoid it. Hopefully, now he understands that these situations are not a joke and now he takes life seriously outside of the Octagon.”


Cormier on if Gustafsson’s size and reach will be an advantage for him: “It’s an advantage if I allow it to be. He’ll have two things to do in the fight: he’ll have to run a lot so I can’t get close to him and he’ll wear down. Or he’ll have to fight me on inside and that’ll wear him down as well. Distance will be key if I allow it to be, which I never do.”


Cormier on if fighting Gustafsson will prepare him to fight Jones again: “The reality is Jones has to prepare for me. I’m the champion now.”


Cormier on if he’s prepared to fight Gustafsson standing up: “I still beat Gustafsson if I have to stand. I have more power than him and I’m faster than him. I’ll fight him where I want him to fight him. I’m not afraid to have a stand-up fight with Gustafsson.”


VIDEO: Daniel Cormier Interview


Johny Hendricks on if he’s still upset he’s not fighting for the title: “I’m over it. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve got a good opponent in front of me and he’s made me better. I’m excited to face Tyron Woodley.”


Hendricks on a controversial victory over Woodley in college wrestling: “I won that one. I plan on winning this one. I’m going to get back to what I want: the belt.”


Hendricks on who was the better wrestler, he or Woodley: “Me. I have to have that mindset. I won’t give anything to my opponent. I don’t want to say he’s better than me anywhere. I’m better than him in any place.”


Hendricks on who hits harder: “Great questions. I believe I’m the better striker. I’m not a one-punch guy. I throw combinations, knees, kicks and I hit harder. I’m going to prove it.”


VIDEO: Johny Hendricks Interview


BJ Penn on his biggest career accomplishment: “I guess it’d be to look back at my list of opponents. I’ve got a lot of big names on there. If you ask me, is there anyone I wish I fought? No. You and me fought, George St-Pierre, Matt Hughes, Diego, Pulver, Diaz - I’m glad I got to get in there with everybody.”


Penn on what he’s been working on: “I’ve been heavy doing the taro farms. The Hawaiians love the poi. I love the poi. If you don’t like it, you haven’t had the right connection.”


Penn on his last fight: “I’m sick and tired of hearing about Mike Dolce. I’ll put a challenge out right now: You go get Nik Lentz, your boy, bring him down to 145 and I’ll run right through him in one round and then I’ll find you in the back and smash you. If Dolce says I don’t train, let’s do this. I would come out for this. Some things were said, got heated. I worked with him for 20 days and paid him $1000 a day. I’m sick of hearing that.”


Penn on which weight he’d fight if he came back: “At 145. Let’s do this. That was my last fight. I had a bad showing. I’m ready for something like this. I haven’t been in a gym for two years. I’ll come back for the grudge match, then we’ll see.”


Penn on what advice he’d give someone now: “Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement. I’ve ended up in the hospital a few times. Get along with the employers. I wonder if you guys would be talking about me the same, like a legend, if didn’t do all these things. At the time I didn’t know what I was doing. At the time I just thought I was a fighter. I beat Matt Hughes and I thought that I was the best and nobody could beat me. I don’t even know what to make of my own career and my own life sometimes.”


VIDEO: BJ Penn Interview


UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Josh Barnett’s next move: “His manager said that Josh had an amazing week last week in Japan, but he told me bottom line is Josh makes more money acting. He’s healthy. If the UFC offers him a big fight, he could fight in two months, but he might not even fight again. Josh needs to decide what’s more important, his finances or his legacy.”


Helwani on Anthony Pettis offering to help Donald Cerrone train for his title fight vs. Rafael Dos Anjos: “Anthony Pettis told me he never offered his services to Donald Cerrone, He doesn’t hate Dos Anjos, he just wants to avenge his loss to him. He wants to fight Eddie Alvarez first, and then wants to fight Dos Anjos again, even if he loses the belt.”


Helwani on Carla Esparza’s return: “She had shoulder surgery two months ago and is hoping to return in about five months and is anxious to get back in there.”


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