UFC's Dana White on Roy Jones Jr owing the IRS, Georges St Pierre and More - Video
Ry Kyle Lucas (May 26, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Dana White
Below on this page is a video on Dana White's Fireside Chat UFC 130. The video was provided to us by the Las Vegas Sun. White talks about Boxing's Roy Jones Jr. who he believes is having money issues because of debts to the IRS. White talks about fighter pensions and also speaks out on Georges St Pierre and so much more. The video is a must watch.

Video description from the Las Vegas Sun: "Dana White holds his customary "fireside chat" with the media after the UFC 130 press conference at the MGM Grand. Among the topics White touched on Wednesday were the recent decision against Chael Sonnen by the California State Athletic Comission, Nick Diaz's chances of coming to the UFC from Strikeforce and the landscape of the light heavyweight division."

Before you press play on the video provided - A Warning...

Please note the video contains strong language and might offend some viewers. Please do not press play if you are easily offended by coarse language.

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