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Zab Judah Steps into the Welterweight Division

Jan 20, 2004  By Jason Unpingco
It has been recently reported that on March 20th, Zab Judah will step into the welterweight division and challenge Cory Spinks for the Undisputed Welterweight Championship. This fight is very intriguing to the boxing world. There is some serious boxing talent between Judah and Spinks. Judah, who is extremely gifted with hand speed and boxing ability, is going up against the excellent defensive skilled Spinks. Given the fact that they are both southpaws, it has all the makings of a boxing clinic.

Since his TKO loss to current champ Kostya Tszyu in 2001, Judah seems to have returned with a technically mature approach to the ring, as was evident in his fight against the solid DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley in 2003. However, observers will mention over and over again the lack of Judah’s chin that was apparent when Kostya Tszyu ended their fight with one perfectly placed right hand. One can only wonder how Judah’s skills can overcome this question when facing a naturally bigger opponent in Spinks.

With that in mind, there are a couple of questions pertaining to this bout:

First, even though Spinks is not the biggest puncher (having 11 KO’s in 34 fights), will Spinks open up and unleash aggressive punching to test his naturally smaller opponent’s weak chin?

Second, while there is no doubt Spinks’ defensive skills are for real and looked good against the wild swinging Mayorga, what would happen when a talented boxer like Judah, who has serious handspeed and boxing skills, is in front of him?

From a business perspective, this fight makes sense. With Spinks not having a big punch, Judah’s chin is at less of a risk. Depending on how well he does in this fight, Zab can always chalk it up as experience if he loses, go back down to 140 and remain a top force in the vastly talented junior welterweight division. But if he wins, he’ll be the undisputed 147 champ and command top money with the big name fighters in the 147lb division that would come for his title. Either way, Judah is in a good position with this fight

This is a big name entering the welterweight division where there is undisputed champ Cory Spinks, WBO champ Antonio Margarito, Ricardo Mayorga and Vernon Forrest all standing in the line up. Boxing fans, no matter what their opinions are of Zab Judah, will want to see how he fits into this mix come March 20th.

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