Video of Crazy Melee shows Aussie Boxing Fans going Nuts! Watch it Now!
By Johnny Benz (July 11, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Over in Australia this past Friday, a fight between Ahmed Elomar and Willie Kickett ended up in a huge melee. It seems Kickett fans clashed with the fans of Elomar. Chairs where thrown around and mass confusion ensued.

Below we got an actual video that someone posted on YouTube. It's a three minute video in which you watch Kickett get knocked out and then order in the arena goes hayward.

Elomar win by knockout was impressive to say the least, but the melee that erupted afterwards was absolutely crazy. With airborne beer bottles hitting people and chairs flying across vast areas, the announcer calls it a disgrace for Australian Boxing.

Watch the video below and see for yourself. Warning, its brutal and you may hear some curse words. Enjoy, and be glad you weren't there!

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