Watch Video of Mike Tyson saying Oscar De La Hoya should Retire and Ricky Hatton speaks on Manny Pacquiao
By Johnny Benz (Dec 9, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
There is a video below from YouTube that shows quick interviews with Mike Tyson, Ricky Hatton and Juan Manuel Marquez on Manny Pacquiao's dominating victory over Oscar De La Hoya.

Mike Tyson feels De La Hoya should hang up the gloves and retire, while Marquez is itching to fight Pacquiao again. Hatton was amazed at Pacquiao's performance.

There is also a clip of Pacquiao speaking at the post conference as well as up close shots of many of the stars that were ringside. It truly was a star studded event as this video will show.

Check out the video by clicking the play button.

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