James Leija Jr: The Next Generation
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James Leija Jr: The Next Generation
By Vikram Birring, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 6, 2015)

James Leija Jr
James Leija Jr.
Jessie James Leija is royalty in San Antonio. And now his son wants to follow in his footsteps.

Jessie James is athletic royalty in San Antonio. He can not walk down the street without having a fan asking for an autograph, a picture, or simply a handshake. A kind man, despite his mean intentions in the ring, he is beloved by even those who don’t approve of the brutality of the sweet science.

Now, his son, James Jr., is attempting to add to the legacy his father created.

Initially, his father was against the idea, wanting his son to use his mental talents to achieve success in other fields. Boxing is a rough profession, from the weeks of intense training to the last few difficult hours of making weight, to the grueling fights themselves. He worked hard so his son would not have to.

But James Jr. had other ideas. He begged his father to train him.

His father gave him a series of tests: partly physical, but mostly mental, to see if he really had the hunger to follow through with his intentions. 5 AM morning runs, no problem. Weight loss challenge, the pounds flew off.

Reluctantly, James Sr. gave in, but after some time, actually grew to appreciate his son’s talents. He notes that Jr. has great defense, due to good reflexes and hand movement, and nice hand speed as well.

He will need all of those tools, because as the son of a legend, all of his opponents are gunning for him, trying to make a name for themselves at his expense. But he has all the advantages in his corner: a living legend trainer, a gym to use at his convenience, and championship genes.

The upcoming years will show what James Jr. is made of, as he makes his way through the amateur ranks and eventually turns professional. The eyes of San Antonio will be upon him.

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