The Sad Story of Rafael Torres
By Vikram Birring at ringside (Feb 17, 2009)  
One win. Sixteen defeats. Eleven defeats by way of knockout, all within the first three rounds. The last two bouts lasted a total of five minutes, twenty-four seconds.

His name is Rafael Torres, a skinny, gaunt man with a goatee. He is a real life sacrificial lamb. As he walked into the ring on February 5, 2008, this reporter cringed. It was only in November that he was finished off with one second left in the first round against a boxer making his professional debut, in a bout he had no chance in.

On this night, the opposition was Chris “Hollywood” Hernandez, better known for his vast array of body tattoos and emblazoned t-shirt than actual boxing ability.

Torres’s cornermen consisted of two sad looking fellows who wore shirts representing Ford Bend Boxing Gym. If Torres is any indication of the gym’s talent, one would be wise to avoid it. Once or twice, they cheered their man on, but even they knew what his purpose was, to be beaten up, knocked down, over and over again.

Fans figured out after a few seconds that this was no bout. Torres did not attempt a single punch. Hernandez followed him around the ring, occasionally landing. A soft combination put Torres down, and finally in the second round, he finished him off. It was the first time Torres lasted into the second round for the first time since 2007.

But how Torres was allowed into the ring is the real eye opener. His record is pathetic, even by journeymen standards. He stands the same chance of winning as a wild animal does against a hunter’s gun. Even bloodthirsty boxing fans boo him, for even they have standards.

Thankfully, on the official report released by the Texas Department of Licensing, the commission finally took a stand against Torres, and will not clear him to box again until he clears a battery of tests by a neurologist. But it’s too late. This decision should have made years ago, not after his sixth knockout defeat in the state. Farces like this cast a shadow over a sport that is filled with darkness to begin with.

Other results:

Alicio Castaneda 4-1 (1) UD4 Gerardo Alarcon 0-3 (Scores: 40-36 x 3)
Dustin Jones 1-0 (1) TKO1 Miguel Martinez 0-1
Hector Perez 3-4 (1) MD6 Miguel Delgado 3-10 (3) (Scores: 59-55, 58-57, 57-57)
Cornelius White 8-0 (7) KO2 Juan Jose Ruiz 4-5 (1) (Time: 1:25)

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