Prograis and Cruz shine in debuts!
By Vikram Birring at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (May 3, 2012)
Regis Prograis wished that the opponent put up a better fight, but he had to deal with the hand he was given as last minute opponent Carl Almirol had to step in as the original opponent dropped out at noon on the day of the fight.

Almirol (0-2) looked to be in good shape, but his total lack of technique was exposed rather quickly as Prograis (1-0, 1 KO), who before the fight said he wanted to practice body work against his outmatched opponent, was awoken from a relative slumber as Almirol connected with a couple of punches. Prograis changed his strategy and knocked him out with a single punch, laying Almirol sprawling on the ropes.

The doctors hopped in, the fans cheered, and Prograis hopes for bigger and better things in the professional ranks. Official time was two minutes, one second.

El Salvadorian’s first Olympic boxer Pablo Cruz gave great joy to an adoring throng of fans, knocking down Daniel Sanchez three times in a blazing first round and halting him in his debut.

Cruz (1-0, 1 KO) and Sanchez (0-1) traded punches immediately as the bell rang, but Cruz’s punches had more power, as he thrice trapped Sanchez against the ropes, and knocked him down to a roar of the fans, Sanchez rising ever so gingerly each time. After the third knockdown, De Alejandro had seen enough and stopped the beating at two minutes, seventeen seconds.

In the opening bout, DeAnthony “The Disciple” Bonner outboxed debuting Martin Gonzalez in a spirited affair between two very raw boxers. Bonner (2-0, 1 KO) showed excellent raw talent and reflexes as he countered most Gonzalez (0-1) mistakes; most notable was his stinging jab, that gave the image of a screw going into a wall, only that the wall was Gonzalez’s face.

Gonzalez never quit trying, landing many triple and quadruple jabs, but simply took more graphic, clean punches through the four rounds. At the end of the bout, Bonner won by decision, 39-37, and 40-36 twice.

Gino Hernandez and Daniel Garcia drew in a comical bout. Garcia Is known for being a tough sparring partner, and the 0-7 Hernandez seemed to be the perfect foil, until the bell rang.

Hernandez (0-7-1) came out fighting at a furious pace, throwing punches at an incredible pace for three minutes, though his technique left a bit to be desired.

The surprised Garcia (9-7-2, 7 KO) spent a lot of time ducking, trying to measure Hernandez. After the first round, Garcia seemed to figure Hernandez out, doing some good body work, with occasional bursts to the head.

By the fourth round, Hernandez was totally exhausted, but Garcia was unable to close the show. What seemed to be an easy decision to score was first scored for Hernandez, and then a few minutes later the ring announcer stated that the decision was actually a draw.

Tyrone “Soldier Boy” Selders knocked down Camani Rigmaiden with a long spear of a right cross. Rigmaiden (0-1) rose steadily, but Selders (8-2, 6 KO) jumped right on him, knocking him down again, and then going on the attack again, giving the referee no choice but to stop the bout at only fifty-eight seconds.

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