Interview with Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho
Interview by Vikram Birring (July 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Legendary Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, 78-5-2 (37), of Bayamon, Puerto Rico returns to the ring after three years July 18, as he faces Perry Ballard, 20-1 (15), at the Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas.

Two days before the big fight, he was gracious enough to take a few minutes after grueling day of training to speak with DoghouseBoxing,com’s own Vikram Birring.

VB: What’s up Macho?

How you doing? Doing fine.

VB: ¿Como te gusta Houston?

Houston’s good man, I’ve been out here before.

VB: So what brings you back to the ring after three years?

The itch, you know. It’s something that I’ve done all my life, you know, something that I do very well. People know I’m so and so, a student of martial arts. I always trained with a martial arts mentality, and I like to mix my martial arts with my boxing. And you know, I can’t get off in martial arts the way I do in boxing, so I came back.

VB: So you anything about this guy you’re fighting? To be honest, I haven’t heard his name.

Well I heard he likes a lot of men, doesn’t like girls (laughing). Well you know, one thing that I know is that, he is the junior middleweight champion, and you know, I’ve already held nine titles. I would like to add his title to mine, I would be one of the first guys in boxing history to hold ten titles. I could take that title and then I could challenge people like Ricardo Mayorga, De La Hoya, any of those other guys.

VB: So in your comeback, what’s your dream, who do you want to fight out of everybody?

I like Cotto, I like Daniel Santos, they’re both from Puerto Rico. I think Daniel Santos would be a good fight for me before Cotto.

VB: In Puerto Rico?

In Puerto Rico would be great, yeah. But then again, you know in my comeback you’ll see I’m going to look very impressive, very sharp. It’s not like I just thought I was going to fight and just came, I’m out there to fight. I’ve been preparing for seven months. I feel great, I’ve made weight, I’m at 152 right now, I’m underweight, I feel good.

VB: So you think you can go to welterweight or are you going to stick around here?

No, welterweight’s not for me man. At welterweight, I lost to De La Hoya and Trinidad. Every time I was trying to make that weight, it took my fighting power.

VB: Looking back, you’ve been fighting a long time, what’s your greatest moment? Your proudest achievement?

Every fight’s an achievement for me. Limon, Ramirez, Messina, Sugar Ray, you know it’s been great. Pazienza.

VB: What’s going on with your son? There was a rumor that he was going to fight Julio Cesar Chavez’s son, but now he’s talking about retiring.

You know, I spoke to Bob Arum last month at the Hall of Fame. He said that he was working on me against Chavez Sr., and Junior against Junior. But now that Chavez claims that he’s going to retire, I don’t know if that’s true, but he’s Mexican, Latin, there’s too much money to be made, he can’t make that kind of money working in Mexico. So, he’s coming back.

VB: Is this your first time fighting in Houston?

No, I’ve fought in Houston before.

VB: So, is it a little different fighting in front of Mexican fans instead of the Puerto Ricans?

No, no, as long as I don’t against another Mexican (laughing), they’ll be all for me. They are my greatest fans. You know, I have fought people like Chavez, De La Hoya, Limon, and Ramirez, they always get out there, rooting for their own, and sometimes they have rooted for me. So you know, they’re great fans, all of them.

VB: You have any special costume planned out?

Oh yeah, I always do, you know that, come on, I always do (smiling). I’m not going to tell you much about it, but you know, I’ll have something.

VB: What’s your situation like promotionally, do you have anything lined up if you win?

Yeah, I have many things lined up, but now, this is first, to get this first fight off.

VB: You have big plans after that hopefully?


VB: Thanks for your time, do you have anything para la gente de Puerto Rico?

Macho time!

VB: Gracias.

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